The Wife of Bath Essay

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Wife of Bath vs. Lady Gaga Geoffrey Chaucer's, Wife of Bath, character in Canterbury Tales can be compared with today's modern pop icon Lady Gaga. Both woman share many similar qualities regarding their personality types and behavior. From the Fifteenth century to the Twenty- First, these women symbolize feminism and contradiction of societal norms. This essay will discuss the similarities and differences between Chaucer's fictional character, the Wife of Bath, and Lady Gaga, one of this century’s most innovative, iconic idols. The Wife of Bath is one of the most distinct, wild characters in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The way that Chaucer has drawn the character the Wife of Bath is very sexual, self-confident, feminist woman. Her…show more content…
During this the Fifteenth Century women were characterized in one of two ways, a woman was either a saint or sinner. During this time period, the Wife of Bath, also known as Alison, would be considered crazy, a sinner, and her behavior would be characterized as being far from Christian like behavior. When reading her tale the reader has to wonder how she could possibly "fit" the standard Christian woman behavior and norms of her time. The way she dresses, her actions, and her past all lead the reader to believe these about her. The Wife of Bath and Lady Gaga are not only bold, but are a complete contradiction to societal norms of their time. For example, Lady Gaga wore a dress made completely out of raw meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. She is famous and known for her insane sense of fashion, whether it be a fake bloody nose, dressed up as a half-naked nun, wearing a meat dress, or ten inch high alien shoes; she has been constantly going with her own gut. She is bold and confident just like the Wife of Bath. Their clothing choices make the reader believe that both these woman are far from shy and that they are incredibly confident. in I feel that both these characters symbolize strength and confidence. They both have features that make them very sexual. Both of these women are very flashy, yet straightforward. They know what they want and how to get it. They are both strong natured woman, they know what they stand for and it does

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