The Wife of Bath Essay

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries In every story there is that one character that sticks out among the rest. In Chaucer’s The CanterburyTales, there are many different corrupt and flat out crazy characters. However, The Wife of Bath is one character that stands out the most. She is a strong, sexual being who does not care about obeying the rules. The Wife of Bath speaks highly of herself when it comes to pleasing her man sexually and does not believe that when one marriage ends that is it; she believes that more opportunities open. She marries five men, four of them for money and one for love. The Wife of Bath is not perfect in her tale but she keeps her audience on their toes, she is bold in her tale and stands behind her beliefs. The Wife…show more content…
Even though she weds for sexual desire, money is a big factor in the reason why she marries. The Wife of Bath is not only sexually driven but she is also money hungry. She has five husbands and of them all she only marries one for love. She believes that all of her husband’s have a debt to pay to her. “In bed they met their grief in fullest measure./There I would scold; I would not do their pleasure./Bed was a place where I would not abide/If I felt my husband’s arms across my side/Til he agreed to square accounts and pay,/And after that I’d let him have his way”(Chaucer, 1332). She uses this money to give to charity and if anyone gives more than her, they felt her wrath. She would “dry up all the charity in all of Bath” (Chaucer, 1317). She believes that a wife is entitled to have what her husband owes her. They are in debt to her and until this debt is paid they cannot have their way with her. The more money given the more she makes her man sweat. It is almost like he is rewarded for paying her. She is not only driven by money she is driven by her strong demeanor to stand up for her beliefs and values despite what others have to say. She has strong, stoic features about her that make her stand out greatly. She knows that it is said that God only comes to one wedding and disagrees with multiple marriage partners. However, the Wife of Bath does not care; she believes that she is young and fair and needs to take advantage of it. She justifies herself

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