The Wife 's Story By Ursula Leguinn

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” “We are all equal.” “ No one person is greater than another person.” “Treat others the way you would want to be treated” These are all sayings we have heard in our life, all of those quotes had one thing in common they are all about treating people fairly and not discriminating against other people.Not all human beings are alike matter of fact no human beings are like and I guess some people feel like just because other people aren’t like them they should be treated the way they would. In the texts “The Wife’s story “ by Ursula Leguinn , “I, Too” by Langston hughes , and “Towards a true refugee ” by Suu Kyi each of these stories were created by authors who showed us their viewpoints on tolerance. When…show more content…
It is also different from, “ I, too” because in that story they were treating someone different just because his skin color isn’t the same as their and he’s different. This is how this story differs from the other two. In “ I, Too “ by Langston Hughes the viewpoint on tolerance is we are to judge people off their appearances and we shouldn’t discriminate against them. Around the world there are some people who just discriminate against others based off who they are and Langston hughes was talking about how it felt for an african american who was discriminated based off their skin color. This differs from “ The wife’s story” because in that story the author’s viewpoint on tolerance is how we can judge each other off of how we look and be frightened instead of trying to understand one another. It compares to “ A true refugee’s story” because they are all different and don’t have equal rights unlike other people because of their differences. “ I, too , am America.” That quote talks about how he is also apart of America and shouldn 't be treated differently even though he is just like everyone else. We all live in america and should all be treated fairly no one person in america is greater than another we’re all equal. In the end he talks about how he will be equal with everyone and they will be ashamed to know he is also America. In “Towards a true refugee”by

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