The Wiggles as a Popular Culture Essay

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The Wiggles are a children’s music and entertainment group consisting of four members who formed in Sydney in 1991. The original members were Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Greg Page and Jeff Fatt. Before the formation of the group, Field and Fatt were members of the Australian pop band The Cockroaches with Page being a roadie, and met Cook at Macquarie University where they were studying to become pre-school teachers. Together, they formed The Wiggles. Using connections gained from The Cockroaches, The Wiggles’ first manager Jeremy Fabinyi negotiated with the ABC to air The Wiggles’ TV show. This program essentially promoted their first album and tour, launching The Wiggles’ careers.
The Wiggles, due to the development of technology such as
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This therefore has a positive effect on the young individual in the present as well as the future, as well as The Wiggles being viewed in a positive manner by consumers and members of society because of this influence on children.
The Wiggles are so successful because of their positive influence on children’s lives and the satisfaction that adults receive from being aware of the educational value behind the program. This can be obviously demonstrated through the long-running creative programs aired on television with such popularity that The Wiggles have become known around the world. This has made them an international franchise and allowed the company to expand into other associated products and programs such as live performance shows and recorded albums.
The products of this popular culture are aimed at a specific target market. Primary consumers of The Wiggles are young children but the major purchasers of associated products and paraphernalia are the children’s parents and adults.
There is no divide in the consumption of this popular culture’s associated products in relation to gender, although the group previously consisted of four males, as well as many of the associated characters being male. This recently changed in 2012 when a female Wiggle was introduced, creating a more female-friendly show, which may appeal to young girls more so than before, therefore giving The Wiggles the opportunity to expand their market
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