The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Would choose a new car, a good job position and a high quality life or would you choose to give up all for a journey into the wild to discover the truth? Christopher Johnson McCandless choose ultimate freedom and truth rather than choosing security and material excess. The story into the wild is written by Jon Krakauer and it covers how Christopher lived for two years without the need of society and material excess. Chris journey enlightened him to the truth and made him feel the raw throb of existence. But, by mistaking people as part of society not as part of God creation and nature will suffer and eventually die. The journalist Jon Krakauer believes in Chris truth and see a relation between him and Chris and what gave him the motive ti write Into the Wild.

Into the Wild is a true story that talks about Chris McCandless brave journey. Chris is an intelligent guy that grew up in a wealthy family in Washington D.c. Chris has a good relationship with his sister Caren. He had strong beliefs, values and morals that made him refuse to live in a materialistic value family that has no intentions of changing. During his journey, he encountered a friend called Westerberg that describe him in page 18 as an intelligent guy that did too much thinking and try to make sense of the world. Chris decided to go to Alaska and live there for a while to prove that one can go so far in life without the need of possessions.

Chris did not want to live with his family because they caused him a

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