The Wild Mind Synopsis

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A psychologically troubled teen and her mysterious “brother” head to the coast, but their journey turns deadly when her brother kills anyone trying to harm them.


GIRL (18), a troubled and frightened teen, lives in an abusive foster home and sleeps at night with her door locked and a knife in her hand. Her parents were killed four years ago in a car accident. She keeps a newspaper clipping of the accident that has a picture of young man who caused the crash. She’s happily surprised when her brother, RUDY (20’s), shows up at her window. They run away together to head to the coast. Rudy tells her that there is someone they need to see and then they can have a fresh start. She questions where he has been the last four
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The trucker doesn’t see “Rudy.” Not trusting the trucker, she leaves. “METHEAD” stops to pick her up. He also doesn’t see Rudy. When Methead tries to force her into his car, they struggle. She’s hit on the head and faints. She wakes up in the driver’s seat of the man’s car. Rudy sits next to her telling her they have to leave. There’s blood all over Girl. She realizes that “Rudy” killed Methead.
His body is in the trunk, cut up a dozen times. To cover up the crime, they send the car and the body over a cliff.

Girl, alone, wanders to the Bobermin Chicken Farm where she meets SHELLEY, a girl who works at the farm. Shelley talks LEROY BOBERMIN into giving Girl a job. However, the other Bobermin brother isn’t happy and tells Shelley to leave. Girl wants to leave too, but she wants to get her money.

When Girl collapses, she wakes up and finds Leroy on top of her with a knife. Rudy shows up and stabs Leroy. Girl steals the money and takes off with Shelley. Rudy tells Girl never to tell Shelley about him or what he has done.

Shelley doesn’t know about the murder and doesn’t believe Bobermin will come after them. The girls travel towards the coast. They are surprised when Bobermin suddenly finds them. He wants his money. The girls fight back, escape, and
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