The Wild Of The Innocent

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Through the Eyes of the Innocent Whether you ride English or Western saddle we can all agree that the horse contains a special place in our hearts. “The one thing you need to know about horses, says Jim Stitt, is they love to work and perform.” (Fong, Petty. It Was Urban Vs Cowboys in Fight for Animal Rights.) The horse has been used all throughout history from the Spanish Conquistadors to the Englishman during the American Revolution. Now horses can be found on race tracks, rodeos, shows, large and small farms, and slaughter homes. Even though some horse owners claim abuse is nothing more than discipline, and horse meat is high in protein, low in fat, and helps slaughter homes gain bigger profits and investment from overseas companies, horse abuse and slaughter should not be taken lightly because it is inhumane to abuse a horse to the brink of death and claim it is “discipline,” most slaughter homes are in insalubrious conditions and environments, and most horse abuse is done inside slaughter homes. Discipline is no longer discipline when the horse is at the brink of death. The type of abuse depends on the activities the horses do. Abuse and Discipline are two different things. One is not followed by the other. Discipline is used to correct and train a horse to not make the same mistake over again. Abuse is used to torment and torture the horse for no reason until the horse is dead. “That quality that we love is also a quality that allows people to abuse them… They
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