The Wild West Of America

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THE WILD WEST OF AMERICA The Wild West of America, or what historian referred to as the Old West, since the 1800’s men and women all wanted to move to the west to start a new life, have land, find gold and silver ,and to escape the law hence the Wild West. The West of the U.S. started off from the west of the Mississippi all the way to the west coast. With all the open land and the people in the west, legends and stories are being made throughout time, and these stories are for the future generation to hear about the adventurous time of the Wild Wild West. From the beginning of time, people have told stories of their adventures, survival, the crazy gunfights, and the danger they been through in the west. Most of these stories and tales starts off at campfires, where is told to friends and families about their experience. Sometimes these tales were true, others exaggerations, and occasionally nothing more than some crazy tales which seems too good or too outrageous to be true. The more interesting part of these tales were passed along from friends to friends and from one generation to the next, and along the way the tales grows stronger to the point they became legends and urban myths. With all the story tellings through the years, it becomes a small part of history and then in popular culture. Where it turns into music, dance, movies, tv shows, and cultures. For two centuries the Wild West was molded into the american’s culture that transpire in popular entertainment.

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