The Wildly Popular Harry Potter Series By J.k. Rowling Essay

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The wildly popular Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling has been the center of religious controversy since its publication in 1997. Scholar Laura Feldt explains: “The Harry Potter novels have also met strong religious reactions including extreme acts of rejection by church leaders and parents in conservative Christian communities in the USA” (101). While there are religions that completely reject the series, the Catholic Church has a more divided stance on the Potter books and films. The Church has praised the films for their portrayal of good and evil, but warn against the lure of magic into occultism. However, as firm as the stance on Harry Potter and magic in the Catholic Church seems to be, as the books and movies were released a split occurred amongst members. Some supported idea that Christian themes like love, sacrifice, and good versus evil were in the text and therefore the books should be accepted. However, the argument against Harry Potter, like popular priest scholar Fr. Costigan’s assessment – which is the area I focus on – who claims Harry encourages children to break rules and promotes that the ends justify the means, still exists making Harry immoral (Costigan).
In scholarly criticism of Harry Potter and religion, many academics focus on fundamental Christians or Christianity as a whole and argue for the integration of Harry with religion. Feldt argues that because of the way Rowling is integrated into everyday life, “it renders the status and nature of not

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