The Willed Woman By Susan B. Anthony

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Quetext About Widget FAQ Contact The Willed Woman Susan B. Anthony had a voice that wanted to be heard. The woman’s gifted voice inspired men and woman to fight for equality. Anthony fought for women’s right to vote and for women to have the courage to stand up for themselves. She achieved her capabilities through her father Daniel Anthony. Daniel Anthony raised his children to be strong in their convictions and to show their love for God by working for human betterment (Bilhartz, 2). While living through the way her father brought her up, Anthony became a strong willed woman and led the women’s suffrage movement. Through social activism and her strong spirit, Anthony became a figure who represented the fight for women’s suffrage and has had a significant impact on American society. This amazing woman was an advocate for the women’s suffrage movement during the 1800s. Anthony’s social actions towards society had a tremendous impact on improving women’s lives. There were very few people that realized that she was the first woman to attack the law for the sake of all women’s political liberty. Women were held down by their beliefs in the natural rights of all human beings, no matter their race or sex, and by their mistrust of the nineteenth century Christianity and its view on women (Lipscomb). Anthony felt that if laws were changed, then changes in attitudes and behavior needed to happen as well for the laws to be effective. The largest thing that Anthony focused on was
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