The Wind Power Of Wind Turbines And Wind Farms

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I. The nature of noise related symptoms in residents who reside within a certain proximity to wind turbines and wind farms.

Over the past several decades, there has been a resurgence in wind power. This technology is a clean renewable energy source that does not contribute to global warming nor does it create any harmful wastes. As communities look to identify safe renewable energy sources many have turned to wind power; inspired by the numerous benefits and perceived benign risks many have attempted to harness wind power through wind turbines and wind farms. As the Sun heats the Earth it creates wind. Due to the changing seasons and moving cloud coverage, the sun heats the Earth unevenly and this uneven heating, in addition to the Earth 's rotation, causes warmer air to move toward cooler air resulting in wind. Although wind power is not new, technological advancements have altered the image of the traditional windmill and have created new obstacles and environmental concerns for local residents.
Wind power is harnessed using wind turbines, which transforms the energy into electrical power. Wind turbines are typically designed either on a horizontal-axis or a vertical-axis. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “horizontal-axis wind turbines have either two or three long blades that collect the energy in the wind and convert it to electricity.” Additionally, “the blades spin when the wind blows over them and the energy of motion contained in the
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