Essay on The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham

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(Characters) To start off I will be describing the characters. The main character, Mr.Mole is a curious, adventurous, prideful, generous and kind animal.”But the Mole very full of lunch, and self satisfaction, and pride, and already quite at home in the boat (so he thought), and was getting a bit restless besides and presently he said, Ratty, Please, I want to row, now!,” Later on in Chapter 1 we discover Ratty, or Mr.Rat. Mr.Rat(Ratty) is, kind, caring, smart, brave, truthful, and is perhaps the most adventurous of them all.”The Rat danced up and down in the road, simply transported with passion. You villains, he shouted, shaking both fists, You scoundrels, you highwaymen, you-you-roadhogs!-I’ll have the law on you! I’ll report you!…show more content…
(Meaning) Sources:

Merriam Webster Online

The Free Online Dictionary

Kindly pg.43 Denotation: having or showing a gentle nature

Connotation: being kind towards a person besides yourself

Self Surrender pg.142 Denotation: stop fighting yourself

Connotation: surrendering to your wants

Headstrong pg.142 Denotation: determined to have one’s way

Connotation: determined to have what you want

Altered pg.164 Denotation: to change or make different

Connotation: changing someone’s ways of thinking

Conceit pg.161 Denotation: an ingenious or witty turn of phrase

Connotation: turn of phrase about one’s self

Irresponsible pg.78 Denotation: marked by a lack of responsibility

Connotation: not responsible in the slightest bit

Reckless pg.79 Denotation: heedless or careless

Connotation: not caring about your safety

Stealing pg.79 Denotation: to take the property of another

Connotation: taking someone’s property without their consent

Terror pg.79 Denotation: intense, overpowering fear

Connotation: fear that is irrevocably strong

Patiently pg.42 Denotation: calmly awaiting an outcome

Connotation: waiting for something to happen while being calm and collected

(Point Of View) The author Kenneth Grahame, originally told this story as a bunch of different bedtime stories. Grahame’s aim was to make his child happy with the
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