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The movie Baraka provides a true sensation of our planet like human eyes. Eyes are windows toward the world. Similarly, Baraka is a window that enlightens people about the true nature of the world and it's society. Baraka demonstrates how living things in this planet use and abuse the privileges of the world. So, many people are abusing the power of brain by destroying the mother nature. Although our planet has provided us an ocean of knowledge, it can be finished like a waterfall if we abuse that concession. The main point of this movie is that the privileges or opportunities in this world are not infinite. Everything has an end. In fact, the most important privilege in the world is our own life. Therefore, the suggestion of the movie was…show more content…
Moreover, the movie demonstrates that water is knowledge by illustrating the scene when women in India were pushing floating candles away from themselves on the water; this symbolizes that water is a source of knowledge and fire was destruction. Consequently, those women were pushing away the negative aspects of lives away from themselves through their knowledge. In this case, using water for a better tomorrow was a true use of privilege of living in the world. Nevertheless, these were some of the only positive events where humans were using their privilege of the world for self-improvement. On the other hand, chapter sixteen presents a point that human knowledge is diminishing or falling apart. This is illustrated when, the movie focuses on the beautiful waterfalls and suddenly transited into another setting where a chain saw was cutting down a tree and then a bomb was destroying a mountain. In this case, the waterfall metaphorically points up the fact that the knowledge of the organism is decreasing or falling down as the water was falling in the fall. As a result, people are destroying their own world by harming their own nature. So, many people are abusing our power of brain without realizing the upcoming consequences. Which is that those negative activities can bring down fall of human race. Baraka illustrates society in many different ways. It portrayed the positive and negative aspect of our culture. It demonstrates that our civilization
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