The Windows 7 Operating System

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Welcome to An introduction to the Windows 7 Operating System. This activity will help you understand the operating system’s purpose and learn the skills necessary to successfully navigate through the basics of Windows 7. After completing this activity, you’ll be able to: • Describe the purpose of an operating system, • Develop skills related to navigating the Windows operating system, and • Relate operating systems to hardware and software programs. An operating system is a network of software that acts as the manager for all hardware and software on your computer. The operating system manages and interacts with the computer hardware, peripherals like your mouse and keyboard, device drivers, and applications software. The computer’s OS (operating system) acts as the main resource manager. An operating system acts as the master controller for all computer hardware and peripherals and manages resources. In computer terms, resource refers to any computer system component that’s required to carry out a task. For example, the computer’s processor is a resource. The operating system manages the processor to ensure inputs, outputs, and other processing tasks operate successfully. Another example of a resource is your computer mouse. The operating system manages how the mouse and its cursor interact with the computer screen including toolbars and menus. Every operating system simultaneously manages multiple resources. For example, successfully printing a document requires
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