The Wines Of Spain ( California )

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The Wines of Spain
During my young and foolish years, I was a confirmed wine snob; at least as it applied to the red wines I drank. If they didn?t come from Bordeaux, France, I didn?t consider them worthy. Typically, my purchases would feature wines from M?doc, Margaux, Pauillac, Saint Emilion, Pomerol and Graves. This all changed in my late forties, I was gifted with several bottles of red wine from various countries including Australia, Chile and the United States (California). Begrudgingly, I accepted the fact that good red wine needn?t come from France.
This oenophilia did not preclude my consumption of ?inferior? wines; it merely dispatched them to a list of wines I would never consider buying for myself. I assumed that if I couldn?t afford French, I couldn?t afford wine. On a business-training trip in my thirties, I had the pleasure of sharing a great tasting Rioja with some colleagues at a Colorado steak house. I was surprised and delighted, the wine exhibited richness and tannins equal to some of the French wines I had glorified. It began to open my eyes to the glories of global wines.
For reasons beyond comprehension, my haughtiness with red wines did not extend to whites or other wine based drinks such as aperitifs, dessert wines or brandy. I enjoyed the crispness of a dry German Rhine wine, the delicate brightness of a California chardonnay, languished in the decadence of a Portuguese port or Amontillado sherry. Even more surprising my love of Cognac did not…
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