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“The Winner Within” is about a life plan for team players and what it takes to be a successful team. Each chapter is based on one subject, and that subject is one of the many things that a team needs to be successful. Pat Riley shares his game plan for team players in all of life, not just on the court. All of the strategies in this book are very inspiring and motivate teamwork. I think that the first chapter in the book, ‘The Innocent Climb’, is one of the most important concepts you have to have on a team. The innocent climb is the surge that occurs within a team as they are accomplishing more because of the synergy that occurs within a team. Innocence means understanding that the team comes first and being carried along by that.…show more content…
When you stop trying to get better, you’re bound to get worse. After winning a few games there is no settling for what has been done, there is always work to be done and improvement to make. Riley states “Players cannot be “game players.” They can’t turn it on and off. They have to always be doing things well and their best to accomplish their best. Being competitive is a great habit, because it guards you from getting too complacent.” “Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.” -Henry Kissinger Pat Riley concludes the book with a chapter named ‘One from the Heart’. He mainly talks about different warriors from the world. From Earvin Johnson, a basketball player, to Rafe Esquith, a man who provided immigrant kids in a hard neighborhood a better education. But the thing I took from this chapter was how he says, “A basketball game is an event-filled forty-eight-minute stream of possessions-shots, blocks, rebounds, steals, passes, fast breaks-just like a year in the life of family or a business is a 365-day-a-year event stream. “ He says it is not humanly possible to win on every possession, to score every time you get the ball, or to block your opponents shot every time the ball is in their hands. No matter what sport or your role in life, there are always smaller encounters within the larger whole. The quote I took from that chapter that Riley states is, “Each small victory improves the odds that you will
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