The Winning Kick

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The Winning Kick In football, many games come down to the last wire to where many kickers seem to succeed while many others often fail. Kickers seem to fail under various amounts of pressure due to crowd noise, not good with pressure, or cannot seem to do their job so their team can count on them at in point throughout the season. But in this game, my team and I would not take failing or losing as an option. Waking up to my alarm sounding at early morning I really don’t feel like getting up as I try to sleep in as long as I can. With my dad calling my name from downstairs and constantly calling me on my cell phone, I finally awake my lazy self to get in the shower. As I get ready that morning excitement of a Friday rushes through…show more content…
A sigh of relief flows through my body as I see my first kick go through the uprights and it was a great kick. With that kick being good my coach calls up the rest of the team to head back down to the field house. Now as I sit in the field house, we receive a pregame speech that thrills all of the players and our adrenaline shoots through the roof as we now get to walk back up the stadium to play our game. Standing in the blow up tunnel as the band stands at the entrance of the run through, they give the final note and we break through the entrance as our fans cheer on their boys. The game seemed to progress faster and faster as we finally score a touchdown and the crowd goes wild. Now it was my turn to add to the score I come out on the field for the extra point. The snap and hold are good but I pull my body through too much and drill the side of the goal post. Right when the ball sounded against the goal post my confidence seemed to drop lower than it has ever dropped before as I miss my first extra point of the season. Running off the field my coach asked me what went wrong and I told him I just pulled it and to my surprise he wasn’t even mad at me as he knew my nerves were up. The game continued to progress and before I knew it, it was already half time and we were up by a touchdown. The third quarter seemed to go just as fast as the rest
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