The Winter Solstice And Northern Hemisphere

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When the earth rotates on its axis it starts to changes seasons. But that 's depending where you live you and if you are on the different sides of the earth. That are known as the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. I say this because it may be summer in America but winter in Australia. But it can also change the weather if you think about it because during the different seasons the temperature changes. For example where we live it gets really hot over one-hundred Fahrenheit. But in the winter time it usually stays over Thirty-Five Fahrenheit. But that 's because of the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice is one of the biggest parts of one of our seasons. The season I 'm talking about is known as summer because that 's one of the hottest times of the year. But the Summer Solstice only happens twice a year but it also called Winter Solstice because it happens during are winter but there summer. In the Northern Hemisphere it 's on June twentieth and December twentieth for the Southern Hemisphere. Unfortunately after that those two days the days get shorter and also stay hot until fall when we get a little less sunlight. You may be wondering why aren 't the days get cold immediately. Well because during the Summer Solstice the Earth traps the heat. It kind of like a solar panel it traps the light energy and then uses it for later when you need to use the energy. Then instead of the nights being freezing cold and having to switch between cold and hot in…
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