The Winter Wind By William Shakespeare

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Drawn from the notorious drama by William Shakespeare “As You Like It,” “Blow, blow thou winter wind” is a poetic song sung by Amiens who became banished by his brother for choosing to follow Duke Senior rather than his kin’s regime. Addressed in the beginning of the poem the winter wind can blow with all its might but will never be as biting as humanity. The poet discusses the harsh reality of man’s nature to be ungrateful and pierce the hearts of one another sharper than the lashes of a wintry wind. An observable theme prevalent throughout the writer’s words is how love and friendship are consumed by heartbreak and how it is folly to have expectations about loyalty considering the matters of the heart.
The poem can be related to the common feeling of seemingly unjust bitterness in people due to a prevalence of insincerity and unfaithfulness illustrated when Shakespeare briefs, “Blow, blow thou winter wind thou art not so unkind as a man’s ingratitude” (Shakespeare). He presumably speaks of the recurring theme of human betrayal in society because of the predisposition for a negative statement due to the first line “Blow blow thou winter wind” (Shakespeare) which signifies a deeper, crueler meaning. “Thy tooth is not so keen because thou art not seen” can be translated into “Your teeth are not as pointed as you are invisible, even though your breath is an assault” because the poet describes the difference between the harmful subject and the general widespread lacking of
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