The Winter´s Tale, And Rose Maxon And August Wilson's Fences

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“The Good Life,” a simple phrase that still holds such a depth of meaning when truly contemplated what a “Good Life” really is. Every person and every fictional character has a different view and definition of “The Good Life,” and this definition can be determined by studying how this person lives, what actions they take in life, and what they say and do in their life. Both Paulina from William Shakespeare’s play, The Winter’s Tale, and Rose Maxon from August Wilson’s play, Fences, were determined and confident female characters that portrayed women in a strong and positive light. They both were unafraid of standing up for themselves when faced with traumatic situations caused by people they love in their life. These women hold so many…show more content…
When Troy confessed this to Rose she doesn’t break down and sob at the horror of the man she dedicated her life to betraying her, instead she stands up for herself and the things that she has done for Troy and is unafraid of calling Troy out on his wrongdoings. When Troy sheepishly says, “...we can figure it out” (Wilson, Fences, 68) when it comes to him impregnating another woman, she boldly fires back, “All of a sudden it’s ‘we.’ Where was ‘we’ at when you was down there rolling around with some god-forsaken woman? ‘We’ should have come to an understanding before you started making a damn fool of yourself.” (Wilson, Fences, 68) Rose is a strong woman whose definition of a Good Life is one dedicated to protecting her family so even though she can boldly tell Troy everything he has done wrong she still puts family first and helps raise Troy’s baby and lets Troy live in the house.
Her strength of character and willingness to make sacrifices for the betterment of the people she loves makes her character extremely similar to the character Paulina from Shakespeare’s The Winter's Tale. In The Winter's Tale Paulina is faced with the trauma of seeing her best friend Hermione falsely accused of infidelity, put into prison, and eventually die of heartbreak from losing her child. She watches as Leontes, a man she loves as a friend, is overcome with jealousy and is the person who does those treacherous things to Hermione, his wife, that eventually leads to her death.

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