The Wisconsin Credit Union League Essay

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Written Assignment 2: Leadership of Others In 2012, I accepted a position at the Wisconsin Credit Union League (WCUL) as a Compliance Specialist. The WCUL (or “The League”) is a dues-supported trade association for Wisconsin credit unions that are cooperatively owned by more than 2.7 million members. The primary purpose of the organization is to serve Wisconsin credit unions by promoting the “credit union difference” through advocacy, education, and public service. However, The League also serves as a non-profit organization promoting the wellness of credit unions and the communities in which they serve. This includes, but is not limited to: promoting credit union development, educating credit union staff and volunteers, promoting financial literacy, and supporting the overall credit union system in times of need. Respectively, being employed on the profit-side of the organization is not only critical to The League, but the Wisconsin credit unions as well. It is my belief that maintaining an understanding of the organization and remaining committed to its overall mission and values (on both the profit and non-profit side) are essential for success. As a Compliance Specialist, my services are contracted out to four credit unions (or pods) that need my assistance managing regulatory compliance. Each month, I spend one week at each of the credit unions within my pod. Overall, it is my responsibility to educate the credit unions and support their compliance needs. My
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