The Wisconsin Works Program

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Approach The Wisconsin Works program, also known as W-2, assists individuals by helping them meet employment as well as career goals. Workforce Connections and Wisconsin Job Centers provide these types of services. The development of clear employment goals, as well as guidance and support, are what individuals will receive to experience employment success. “The goal of Wisconsin Works is to provide necessary and appropriate services to prepare individuals to work, as well as obtain and maintain, viable, self-sustaining employment; this will help promote economic growth” (Workforce Connections Inc., 2010). Wisconsin Works is a cash program. Eligible individuals receive a monthly cash benefit which varies between the different programs within W-2. There is no entitlement to assistance under W-2. “This program is available to low-income parents with minor children who meet eligibility requirements and who are willing to work to their ability. Each W-2 eligible participant meets with a Financial and Employment Planner, who helps the individual develop an employability plan.” Within the W-2 program there are different paid placements; Community service jobs, W-2 Transition, Caretaker of an infant, and At Risk Pregnancy. Community Service Jobs are in place to help individuals who may have barriers with basics skills and working habits needed in a job environment. Real work training opportunities add supervision and support to these individuals with job related barriers. These

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