The Wise Old Woman

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Respect is something you have to earn. An example of people who deserve respect are our elders. Two stories that help us to understand why we need to respect our elders are The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson by Leo Tolstoy and The Wise Old Woman by Yoshiko Uchida. The first story is about a couple who mistreat their father/in law but in the end, come to realize that they have treated him wrongly. The second story, The Wise Old Woman, is about the lord of a village in Japan who decided to send all elderly people ages seventy-one and over to the mountains to die. However, he repealed the law after an old lady's wisdom saved his village. Respecting our elders is a reoccurring theme in both of these stories because they both include young people who realized they have mistreated their elderly for bad reasons. The Old Grandfather and his Little Grandson is a great example of why respecting our elders is so important. The peasant couple in this story started off treating their father/in-law like a dog and didn't allow him to sit with them at mealtime. They continued this…show more content…
These folktales are similar to each other in the sense that the elders were mistreated in the beginning but respected by the end of the story. Even though these tales were told long ago, their theme still applies to us today just as much as they did a hundred years ago. It is still important for us to respect our elders today because just as we were taught in the folktales, we should be treating others the way we want to be treated. This is because what goes around comes around. Even though the older generation may not be able to do as much as we can, they still are human, like us, and in fact should even be treated with more care because of their
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