The Witch Trials, Mccarthyism, And The Salem Witch Hunts

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The history of witch hunt
Throughout history, many people have been persecuted or executed due to their beliefs. The world is never peaceful due to the genocides that are occurring everywhere around the world. The Salem witch trials, McCarthyism, and the Cambodian genocide are some of the witch hunt, where peoples are accused or killed because of their beliefs. However, most of these people are innocent. They never committed a crime or ever thought about disrupting the society. These people are accused due to vengeance and hate of their enemies. The witch hunt has a major impact on the society and the people living in it, even till today the fear of the unknown and self-preservation have brought people to accuse one another. That is what lead to the witch trials that happen throughout our historys. The Salem Witch hunt in Massachusetts during the late 1600’s was caused by fear of the unknown. Abigail William, an 11 years old girl that lives in Salem is one of the affected girls in the Salem witch trials. She worked with the court to accuses other people that were believed to that they worship the devil. Mr. Danforth is one of the judges at the court and he put the people that are accused in jail, only if they confess that they work with the devil. The ones that didn’t confess were excommunicated by the church and then were hanged. This brought fear into the village and the village around it. The trials ended in two years but the fear of witchcraft still remain today in the
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