The Witness Protection Program and Abandoning Mafioso Lifestyle

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Dear Andrew: Deciding to enter the Witness Protection Program and abandon your Mafioso lifestyle was a difficult decision. It took a great deal of courage to fundamentally change your way of life. Now that you are leaving the Program and embarking upon a professional life on the right side of the law, you have a new dilemma: how to make a living in an honest fashion. Ever since you were fourteen, your life has revolved around criminal enterprises. You are likely thinking: what skills and qualities do I have that will translate into occupations other than the dirty business of stealing and cheating? Although your old life contains many memories you may wish to forget, you must remember the determination and commitment you always brought to your work. Your desire to succeed first manifested itself at a very young age, but unfortunately your environment did not offer you opportunities to use your good qualities in a positive fashion. However, today, in the field of sales, the same determination that allowed you to succeed in the world of crime can also allow you to excel as a salesperson. In sales, you have a great deal of autonomy in terms of how you plan your day, as you meet with a variety of customers. You have unlimited earning potential, depending on how hard you are willing to work. You can work independently, given that the majority of your day is devoted to traveling from one customer to the next. There is no 'boss' constantly looking over your shoulder: you

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