The Wizard Of Oz By Frank Baum

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The Wizard of Oz is a well known children’s novel written by Frank Baum in 1899. It later then became a movie in 1939 and still to this day is very popular. But what many people do not know is that behind both the movie and novel there lays a hidden message about the economic problems during the early 20th century. Baum was knowledgeable about what was going on in the 1990’s and put them into his work for a purpose. Over the years both the movie and the novel have stirred up multiple theories behind the message itself. The most noticeable theories are that of the populist movement and feminism during the early 20th century. In order to know how the movie displays the populist movement, one must know the history during the time the movie and novel were made. In 1896 the populist joined the Democrats in backing Bryan’s bid for presidency. Populist demanded for free silver; which included free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold. The reason for this was that the Populist wanted the free silver to inflate the money supply and making it easier for farmers and businessmen to borrow money and pay off their debts. At the 1896 Democratic National Convention, William Jennings Bryan, a politician from Nebraska was nominated for president and was also a supporter for free silver. Dorothy, the leading character, represents the ideal American people. She represents American people because they were kind and self-respecting. Dorothy originally lived in Kansas with her Auntie Em and
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