The Wizard Of Oz By William Shakespeare

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The door man cries when he see how upset Dorothy is and say he will get them in to see the Wizard of Oz.. They walk down a long hall and see fire and a large head of a god like figure who identified himself as the Wizard of Oz and demand to know who they were. The Wizard of Oz is acting evil and mean, but his action is a mask, a persona. He presents himself through fire and smoke, and is full of insults for his uninvited guests. He command the Tin Man to step forward, he is aware he is coming for a hearts, he calls him ugly names, including junk. The Tin Man speaks to him and is told to be quiet. The Wizard of Oz addresses the Scarecrow, knowing he wants a brain, he calls him ugly names. He calls the Cowardly to step forward, who is frighten and faints. Dorothy becomes angry at the way the Wizard of Oz is treating them and steps forward in their defense. Dorothy tells the Wizard of Oz he should be ashamed of himself, she shows her maturity in defense of her allies. The Wizard of Oz does not give the Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion what they are seeking. He said he would grant their requests, but they must prove themselves by performing a small task; they must bring him the broom stick of the wicked witch of the west. The Wizard of Oz takes on the personality of a shapeshifter, because he changes the direction of Dorothy’s journey by sending them on another journey. The new journey ordered by the Wizard of Oz leads to Dorothy’s ultimate
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