The Wizard Of Oz : Four Themes In The Wizard Of Oz

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Just a mention of The Wizard of Oz acts as a rubber-band on my heart snapping me back to twinkles of emerald green and ruby red. At a young age, this movie had always been my favorite. Dorothy, a farm-girl who escapes her abnormally gray town, Kansas, is guided by the amiable Professor Marvel back home just in time for her to take a tornado ride to a colorful, magical land of buoyant little people. The good witch, Glinda, appears and advises her to make her way to the Emerald City, where the mysterious Wizard of Oz can send her back home. The Yellow Brick Road leads her on an unforgettable journey where she meets The Scarecrow, in search of a brain, the Tin Man, in need of a heart, a Lion looking for a little courage, and The Wicked Witch of the West who seeks to ruin their plans. All I ever paid any mind to when I was younger was the happy ending. Each character got what they were searching for, the Wicked Witch was killed, and Dorothy was able to click her heels and return home. The Wizard of Oz is a story of four characters searching for their heart’s desires, which they eventually find within themselves. Perhaps at first glance, The Wizard of Oz can be perceived as a children’s story. However, with profound thought the message touches on some ubiquitous themes such as deception and the flaw of human nature.
In this film we find the regular image of the various forms of the broken human. The Tin Man without his heart, the Scarecrow without a brain, and the Cowardly Lion
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