The Wizard Of Oz Literary Analysis

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The Value of Literature:
The epic journey to find the promised land in The Wizard of Oz

Every character in The Wizard of Oz has a reason for going to Emerald city, each have the same reason but are all in search of something different. Their reasoning for going to the promise land, Emerald city, is to find the Great Wizard, Oz. Although they are all on a journey for Emerald city and Oz, what they are in search of is very different as is each character. Through Archetypal Theory it is shown that each character's reason for setting out on the journey to Emerald city distinguishes their type of character. Their journey is to find the promised land. Although they are not aware, the characters slowly gain what they originally set out to acquire throughout their journey, rather than at their destination. Although the journey seems as easy as following the yellow brick road, there are many obstacles the characters; the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion, must face throughout this novel. Through stages along their journey, the characters are all thrown into pivotal positions that they do not realize the importance of. In turn, this results in a drastic development of their characteristics. In these stages they are put in situations, which allows them to grow and adapt to what they are seeking on their journey, are what allows them to earn what they were seeking. Each character is in search for Oz so he may grant them one wish for whatever they desire, for the Scarecrow;

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