The Wolf And The Kid Sparknotes

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On The Wolf And The Kid
Aesop’s Fables is a great collection of all sorts of short tales with profound morals. The tale The Wolf And The Kid tells a story that a kid lying on the roof saw a wolf passing by, reviling him with acrimony since it was a “safe distance” for the kid to do that. The tale ends with the wolf saying “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.”

As one can see, this tale is short but packs with message. The author illustrates the moral from the mouth of the character at the end of the tale so skillfully, without being abrupt or rigid. Moreover, the characters of the kid and wolf get readers closer, making the didactic tone lighter. Therefore, it could get across to the young readers better.

After appreciating the skills that author uses in this tale, one should pinpoint on the moral within. From my own perspective, in this story, the kid symbolizes a group of people who take potshots at others with supercilious attitude, for it does no harm to them to say so or they
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Each haters are “doing their bits” to manipulate the whole thing from bad to worse. They are the kids who hide behind on the other side of the screen, taking potshots at the idol wolf so defiantly. Nobody will neither know who the haters really are nor regard what they have done as a crime. Even worse, the stars and idols do not have a specific law to rely on to safeguard their reputations and rights. Even if there is one, however, in the most of the cases, it would be arduous to collect the valid evidence from millions pieces of comments and news. What’s more, it is impossible to accuse every single of the haters, making them pay back for what they have done. Therefore, the results always turn out that the idols are subjected to the endless slanders and insults but the haters never cease to make them
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