The Wolf Family By Marcus Wolf

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The Wolf family seemed to always have what they wanted. Nothing any of them did was short of impressive. Marcus the seventeen year old son was an example of that. Marcus was a fairly big kid and sports were his life. Short in stature but his musculature made up for it. Sports weren’t really the favorite thing to do for Marcus. He would usually spend his days drawing or when he got bored of that playing video games. When he didn’t have time off it was probably because he was on the football field working on his speed, or in the weight room working on his strength. Marcus Wolf was very close to breaking the state record for rushing yards, and was well on his way to break the tackling record. Until one day the Wolf’s life got changed. “Mom I…show more content…
“yeah, yeah,’ smiled Abby. Abby was on her way. She was running a little late but it was okay Caleb would not care. Abby hopped into her black Mustang and headed for Caleb’s house. It was very stormy and hard to see much of the road. Abby drove very carefully. Caleb didn’t live more than fifteen miles away but to get to his house Abby still had to drive on the highway. After about fifteen minutes Marcus headed out in his mom’s car since Abby took the Mustang. The storm was getting worse now he then got a text. It was from Caleb and it said, “Are you guys coming?’ that scared Marcus. Abby should have almost been there. Marcus kept driving and was hoping Abby would make it. He looked down as he got another message but couldn’t open it until he passed the canyon. He drove past the canyon then looked at the text and it was from Caleb again. The text read, “Are you guys okay?’. This time Marcus replied, “Yes, Abby should be there any minute I will be there a little later.” It probably wasn’t the smartest idea for Marcus to be texting but he couldn’t help it he was way worried. Marcus was now driving really fast trying to get to Caleb’s. He would be able to see Abby along the road if she needed help or something. He drove and drove and couldn’t find her. Finally, he got to Caleb’s house. Abby still was not there. Marcus was freaking out. Caleb called him down. Then Marcus’ phone started ringing. “Hello” said Marcus. Caleb could hear Mrs.
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