The Wolfpack Is A 2015 Documentary That Tells The Story Of The Angulo Family

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The Wolfpack is a 2015 documentary that tells the story of the Angulo family, specifically the six movie obsessed brothers, and their life in a tiny New York City apartment. The Angulo brothers, all named by their Hare Krishna father for different iterations of the god Krishna, shared a six room apartment with their parents and older sister, Visnu. Their tight knit relationship developed in part from the isolation the family experienced during the boys childhood. During the film, they tell the camera how their father had the only key to the apartment and controlled their excursions into the outside world. “Sometimes we got out once a year,” says Mukunda Angulo, “and one particular year we never got out at all” (The Wolfpack 2015). To compensate for this lack of interaction with the outside world, the brothers turned to movies, watching thousands of films during the years they stayed inside the apartment. Their story is unique and compelling. These brothers, despite- or perhaps because of- the conditions they were raised in, developed a strength and resiliency that allows them to be surprisingly well adjusted to modern American life. They now have Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, friends, love interests, and some have picked up Americanized names (Krisna is now Glenn, and Jagadisa goes by Eddie). The Wolfpack offers viewers a glimpse into their world, as filmmaker Crystal Moselle was given unprecedented access to their apartment and their lives. Moselle has

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