The Wolves During Pre Columbian And Mesoamerican Times

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The wolves in Pre-Columbian and Mesoamerican times The people who inhabited the Americas before the European conquerors came had various forms of economic, social, and political organization. Some had developed large urban societies and others just practiced a simple form of life with agriculture and as hunter-gatherers. The Aztecs and Mayans were two very large civilizations in Mesoamerica (central and southern modern Mexico) who developed urban societies. In these societies, the construction of complex irrigation systems and the application of agricultural techniques favored the steady growth of agricultural production and population. Both Aztecs and Mayans had many beliefs, rituals, traditions and gods. One of the most important symbols…show more content…
It was also common for the Wolves to be bred with dogs, in order to get a breed of dog with the strength of a wolf but the calmness and loyalty of a dog. Myths and Legends Surrounding Wolves in Mexico There are many myths and legends about the wolf that come from pre-Columbian times in Mexico. Many theories about the origin of the human race have been created by some ancient civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and northern areas of North America. They believed humans have evolved through a series of different lives as minerals, vegetables and animal forms before reaching the human state. This is where the primitive way of explaining the origin of creatures half man, half animal. This is where the legend of the Nahual comes in. Mexico is known among other things, by their shamans, sorcerers, witches, and healers who were known for being the doctors of the tribe, sometimes called Nahuales, Naguales or Nawal. Even in the XXIst century all towns and cities in modern Mexico are known to have at least one Nahual. The Aztec word for Nahual is Nahualli, which means animal spirit. Since pre-Columbian times, these people have been known for being regular looking human. That through the manipulation of magic rituals they are able to contact the gods of the night. These rituals allow them to have
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