The Woman Card Was Written By Jill Lepore 27 Essay

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The woman card was written by Jill Lepore 27 june 2016, and I have found several of her articles relevant to my research. Lepore seems to be very educated in politics, and I find her articles to be very well researched and informative. Her articles seem to be relevant to everyone in general, she wants the readers to be informed and make educated opinions. Lepore likes to talk about the past and contrast it to the present. This is a very great way to inform readers of the history and sacrifices women had to go through to get where we are today. The women 's party has only been around 100 years, this year, and without it, our country would not be where it is today. I thought that Hillary was going to be the first women president, instead we have the first president who has never held a political office. Clinton spoke to women when she debated and when she was at rallies. She reached out to women specifically trying to earn their vote, and with all the protests lately she seemed to have reached a lot of women, as well as men. Most of the time women are more compassionate, understanding, and motherly, whereas men are not. It has taken a long time for women to accomplish the things we have, and Lepore talks about this in several of her articles. This article illuminates my bibliography topic because it lets people know the history behind women and voting as well as each of the candidates and their affiliations. This article even talks about the Republican Party that was
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