The Woman In Black: Critical Essay

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The Woman In Black: Critical Essay When novels are adapted for the cinema, directors and writers frequently make changes in the plot, setting, characterization and themes of the novel. Sometimes the changes are made in adaptations due to the distinctive interpretations of the novel, which involve personal views of the book and choices of elements to retain, reproduce, change or leave out. On the contrary, a film is not just an illustrated version of the novel; it is a totally different medium. When adapting the novel, the director has to leave out a number of things for the simple reason of time difference. Furthermore, other structures and techniques must be added to the film to enhance the beauty and impressions of it. Like a…show more content…
Susan Hill later continues to use gothic conventions by drawing attention to the links between the weather and the mood in many chapters. The description of the Eel Marsh House takes on a melancholy and unfortunate air as “the cellar oozed damp”, smelled “sour” and the fires “sputtered and smoked”. The narrator also deliberately casts himself as a typical gothic protagonist where he says the weather often affects his moods. This knowingness is also carried inside and out in the film by portraying different camera shots. Many establishing shots and master shots have been used in various parts. Many establishing shots provide the audience with key information needed and perhaps to suggest the narrative and genre. These affect in a positive way because they suggest the consciousness of atmosphere and mood of the surroundings. Right in the beginning of the movie, there is an extreme close up of a little girl pretending to tip tea into a cup and then it switches on to another extreme close up of the girl giving it to the doll. They are using teapots, cups and saucers. This gives the impression that the film is set in England. There is another mid-shot of the three girls turning around to see nothing. Comparatively, it suggests paranormal features such as ghosts. It further leads on to a quick shot of a creepy doll, which reveals a titular character. Although the opening scene is

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