The Woman In White Was Authored In 1859 By Wilkie Collins,

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The Woman in White was authored in 1859 by Wilkie Collins, which is regarded as one of the most sensational and finest mysterious novels. The book outlines the role of women in the society. The female gender is perceived and portrayed as inferior to their male counterparts. Women are expected to look after children and their husbands, as well as do housework. They are not allowed to access higher education. Also, the middle-class experience is more embraced than the senior level, as the latter is characterized with riches, extravagance, and laziness, unlike the former which is morally upright and rational. Through this paper, it will be not only pointing out the themes of injustices against women, and the decadence of civilization but also…show more content…
Instead, they are only allowed to pursue painting and music. Women are never allowed to seek either formal employment or solicit for their income independently “The lady not being at hand to speak for herself, her guardian had decided, in her absence, on the earliest day mentioned—the twenty-second of December” (“Woman in White” 180). Nevertheless, women are strictly under the guard of either their uncles or their husbands. Looking after their husbands and children as well as to do housework are woman primary responsibilities. The dress code of the feminine is designed and mandated by the males, which has been tailored in a manner naturally capacitated to impair the women’s swift and comfortable movements. Furthermore, they have no choice in deciding who they should get married to because their male relatives such as uncles, fathers, and brothers play a role when it comes to marriage. “It is an engagement of honor, not of love—her father sanctioned it on his death-bed, two years since—he herself neither welcomed it, nor shrank from it—she was content to make it.” (“Woman in White” 73). However, unimaginable that the decisions made by men on behalf of their sisters and daughters often backfire. It happens when Laura meets misfortunes in her marriage because the husband was imposed on her without her approval. Laura loses the freedom and gets abused, poisoned and imprisoned following the forced marriage. Through the person of Marian, the author
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