The Woman Of Fly Solo Across The Atlantic Ocean

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Amelia Earhart, who is known as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, is a very inspirational figure for women. We chose her as our topic for this project because she is a daring, adventurous, differential, and confident woman. Also, Earhart was always willing to take risks, even though she knew about the dangers involved. Throughout her career, she has set many records and accomplishments as an aviatrix. This involved the great number of distance she covered by the flight and her world records. Amongst all of her accomplishments, she wanted to prove that women were capable of achieving things that men can do. Furthermore, she was determined to show everyone that a woman, like herself, can choose a profession and have…show more content…
Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas, which is also known as America’s heartland. In much of Earhart’s early life, her parents were always sending her and Muriel, her sister, to their grandparent’s house. The main reason for their parents sending them away was that they did not want Earhart and her sister to be involved in the financial problems they faced. Her father, Edwin Earhart, was not fit to be a father. He was struggling to amend his ties with alcohol usage and was unable to gain employment. These problems caused his family the need to continuously migrate for a better opportunities. Overall, he was incapable of supporting his family. Because of this, Amelia became self-reliant and did not depend on anyone to watch over her, especially since her father was so absent in her life. On February 7, 1931, she married George Putnam, who was an author, publisher and promoter. On this day, she wrote a letter to him, saying that she is not bound to him and that he does not have to follow the rule of faithfulness in their relationship. She wanted him to understand that she will not be around much of the time because she will be spending most of her life traveling the world by air. Other than that, before their marriage, Amelia had decided to volunteer as a nursing aide for the Red Cross, which at the time, was supporting the wounded soldiers in World War I. She
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