The Woman - Original Writing

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The woman sighed in pleasure as she lay on her back with unhidden satisfaction. Her lover lie next to her, his breathing hard, his velvety smooth skin damped from their recent coupling. She purr next to him, turning to her side and propping her arms to support her head as she gaze pleasingly over him. But her smile faded as she saw his azure eyes staring at the ceiling blankly, his face grim and expressionless. "When can I see you again?" she heaved velvety, placing a teasing hand against his chest. The man looked at her with a brief cool look, his face still grim and expressionless. He remained silent, his eyes staring dully at the ceiling. "You know you 're gorgeous," she whispered huskily, planting a small kiss to his shoulder and ignoring his silence. "Absolutely gorgeous." The man wince at her attempt to show him affection. He slightly moved away from her, his body tense with rigid rejection. "You haven 't answered my question," she continued persistently, her hand began to roam below his torso. The man stilled with rejection, his face grim and his beautiful mouth curling with distaste. He pushed her hand away and unashamedly moved up to find his discarded clothes lying on the elegant carpet. She watched him with awe, enjoying the magnificent view of his naked body display before her. As he casually dressed himself up, she looked at him with a stricken panic. He was clearly ending their time together. "Darien, when can I see you again?" she asked in a small
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