The Woman Warrior, By Maxine Kingston Essay

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Maxine Kingston, a famous writer whose work is often rooted in her experience as a first-generation Chinese American, wrote pieces that often shed light on how first generation Americans have figured out “how the invisible world the emigrants built around [their] childhoods fit in solid America” (para. 10). In her memoir The Woman Warrior, the first chapter “No Name Woman” involves a cautionary tale meant to discourage young Kingston from engaging in adultery and humiliating the family; the mother hopes the fear of being forgotten will serve as a deterrent for sexual lewdness. The chapter dramatizes the cultural differences between China and the United States, particularly the narrator’s internal conflict of identifying “what is Chinese tradition and what is the movies” (par.12). Through the mother’s initial tale and the narrator’s manifestation of her aunt’s life, Kingston creates some sort of dialogue between China and the United States. Moreover, Kingston employs the story of the dead aunt to navigate between the contrasting regions by highlighting the differences in traditions, customs, and the idea of femininity. The narrator was very inquisitive about the details of the aunt, however, her mother told her once and for all the useful parts, which left much to the narrator’s imagination. Since the narrator is allotted the opportunity to recreate her aunt’s life, some aspects involved Chinese traditions while some touched on the narrator’s experience in America. To…
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