The Woman Who Fell From The Sky: A Comparative Analysis

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In the world today there are stereotypical good and evil people. This is just like the twins from “The World on the Turtles Back” and “The Woman Who Fell from the Sky.” In “WoTB,” an Iroquois creation story, a pregnant woman fell from the Sky World throw a hole that was created trying to get bark for the forbidden Great Tree and landed on a turtles back. There she gave birth to her daughter who later would die giving birth to the left and the right handed twins. In “WWFS,” a Seneca creation story, an ill woman fell from the sky. She also had a daughter who gave birth to twins, Sprout and Flint. The twins from both stories had many similarities starting with their birth and role in the creation of the world, but had some minor differences between the two sets of twins…show more content…
One twin created good and one created bad. The right and left handed twins from the story “WoTB,” created life by making animals out of clay. The right handed twin would make good animals, then the left handed twin would make an animal that would kill that good animal. In “WWFS,” Flint created the western part of the world, making it full of bad things and Little Sprout make the eastern part of the world full of goodness. When they were done they checked each other’s part of the world and both made changes to balance things out. Both myths tell how each of the twins, good and evil, made different contributions in creating a more balanced new world.
The portrayal of the two sets of twins in each myth is one of the most significant differences. In “WoTB,” the “good” twin was represented by the right handed twin and the “evil” twin was represented by the left handed twin. In “WWFS,” the “good” twin was said to be bright in color; his name was Djuskaha, or Little Sprout. The “evil” twin was a reddish color; his name was Othagwenda, or Flint. In each myth, the good and evil twins were represented in different
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