The Women At The Tomb

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The Women at the Tomb. (Lk. 24: 1-12) The Lucan account of the resurrection of Christ began with the pericope of “the Women at the Tomb” This is the first of three resurrection stories that highlight the resurrection of Christ In the first, two angels appear to the women telling the good news of a living Christ (Luke 24:1-12) In the second is Jesus himself who delivers the message of the resurrection to the two disciples who walk to Emmaus (24:13-35) And in the third periscope, Jesus appears to the eleven disciples in Jerusalem (24:36-49) This chapter and the book ends with the story of the ascension to heaven (24:50-53) This latter serves as epilogue and connection to the book of Acts of the apostles, which is also written by the same author. Luke’s style suggests that he used various sources to write this pericope. The pericope occurs in all three gospels and even in John . It is situated after the passion, and death of Jesus. The comparison reveals the following common details which build the story: 1) the women go to the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body. 2) They go to the tomb the first day of the week early in the morning. 3) They found the empty tomb. 4) They also found the angels who gave a report. 5) It is followed by the response of the women. 6) They ran to look for the apostles and 7) the apostles responded to the women’s report. Darrel Bock says that only 17 of Luke’s 169 terms are in agreement with Mark. Luke’s account complements the other Gospels giving
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