The Women Dying For An Abortion

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Reproductive rights, particularly with regards to abortion, is the main topic of “The women dying for an abortion in Sierra Leone.” This article describes that conditions under which women in Sierra Leone become pregnant unwillingly (Devries, 2016) and seek out an abortion, removing a fetus before it is able to live separately from its mother (Edge & Groves, 2006, p.257), as a means of intervention. Someone women in Sierra Leone who end up with an unwanted pregnancy are not educated about the different forms of birth control, others are orphaned teenage girls who often become the victims of rape. In either case, women and girls become desperate and resort to dangerous methods of abortion to avoid carrying the pregnancy to term. Some of which include inserting a coat hanger through their cervix, or having someone jump on their belly to abort the fetus; these extreme measures have lead to poor long term health outcomes and have are associated with a high mortality rate. (Devries, 2016) Supporters of anti-choice or “pro-life” often base their views on religious beliefs which views abortion as immoral and unethical. Pro-choice supporters on the other hand, maintain that women have the right to their own bodies and should therefore be able to decided if they want to be pregnant. Edge & Groves describes the pro-choice view as being, “the decision to abort [as] one of personal liberty and thus should be legal” (2006, p.257). Women should have the right to autonomy when it comes to
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