The Women Of Abu Ghraib Analysis

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In the “The Women of Abu Ghraib,” Francine D’Amico believes that both man and woman could do good things and bad things in their life. D’Amico also talks about the sexual abused that happen in the prison. The term ‘sex’ became the weapon in the Iraq prison. Lucinda Marshall discusses about woman as a victim of sexual pornography. These Iraq women were rape by American soldier, and these soldier proud of what he did as he took the photograph of it. Many rape actions happened because Iraq women did not get protection even from their own family. However, the soldier who was knows as a rapper, was humiliated and tortured by women. Miles in the reading also talks about the photograph of Lynndie, who stood next to the naked prisoners. This photograph…show more content…
Sabrina Harman became an army at Al Hillah because she needed money to pay for her school. However, she loved to take photographs, and her colleagues said that she was too nice to be an army, as she hated violence. Abu Ghraib was a dangerous place, as it was the most attacked American base in the Iraq and many prisoners die. The writers state that the M.P. believed that there was nothing to hide and they never really accepted what was happening to them. Harman tried to show evidences of what happen to the prisoners from her photograph. However, later on, Harman was framed to be a murderer because she took a picture of the dead body, and she was charged because of maltreatment. Gilligan became famous, and an icon of Abu Ghraib. Gilligan’s figure showed what they wanted to know at Abu Ghraib and what they could not…show more content…
Both of them point out that she was a nice woman who loved to hear other laugh, and hated to see children live in the prison because of who their father was. They also show the M.P. behaviors. The M.P. never gave awards to the prisoners, they never tried to remember the prisoner’s name, and often gave punishments to them. The writers also discuss that Harman loved photography and she took every moment that she loved without thinking further. However, she pointed out as a murdered, as she took a picture of a dead body. Both Gourevitch and Morris believed that she innocent even though she charged because of maltreatment.
In “Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos ‘Show Rape’,” the writer talks about rape and sexual abused that happen in the Abu Ghraib prison. Many women and men were forced to undress, and even there was a picture of a who was forced to do sex with the male soldier. Mr. Obama believed that these pictures can put American troops in big danger, and inflame the public opinion. However, Mr. Obama emphasis that the pictures were not more painful that what was actually happening in Abu
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