The Women Of Ancient Athens And Sparta

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The Women of Ancient Athens and Sparta: A Comparison Bay Shore High School Juliette Kimmins Global 9H Mr. McKenna May 22, 2015 While it has been a pattern throughout history since the very beginning of civilization for women to be given unequal stature to men in most areas of society, there have been exceptions in the treatment of women in these patriarchal societies like Sparta of Greece. Athens did not offer most these freedoms to the women. The lives of Spartan women have significant differences than that of an Athenian counterpart, causing cultural, social, and political differences between the two city-states. Typically, women in most civilizations at the time were given little freedom in their personal affairs like their money, marriage, education, and class. This concept of inequality between man and woman was commonly accepted in Greece, one city-state in particular being Athens. Of course there are similarities in the treatment of divine women in every city-state by paying homage to the almighty Greek goddesses like Hera, Artemis, and Athena through the monuments built in their honor. It has been widely recognized that Sparta was the city-state of war. With these values in mind, the treatment of women varies compared to its contemporaries. The women of Sparta were often educated in Greek myths, philosophy and other art forms, in addition to singing, dancing, and especially sports
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