The Women Offender Case Management Model Essay

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Release Our Chains is indeed a program whose focus is to support the female inmate population who are constantly being forced to deal with their incarceration and their drug addiction. Katelyn’s peer critiques pointed out some unclear points within my treatment program. She suggested that I implement the Women Offender Case Management Model (WOCMM) which incorporates the six-primary gender-responsive principles, according to Van Voorhis and Salisbury (2014). After researching WOCMM, I found that the applying this model into my program will allow a merging of gender responsive and evidence based practice to take place. By using the concept of the Women Offender Case Management Model, my program will be able to create other methods of approach to better benefit the participants. Newer approaches would consist of not only providing gender responsive practice, but also individualized services, team approaches, comprehensive practices, and collaborative practices that will allow me to better test the program integrity and outcome evaluation. The peer critique also allowed Katelyn a period to ask any question that she had concerning my program. Katelyn offered two question, the first asked will my program include treatment for substance withdrawal. The point she made which I totally agreed with her on was that, during treatment this could be one of the most challenging times for an addict and raises potential health risks including sickness, hallucinations, and tremors and
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