Essay about The Women of "For Colored Girls"

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“For Colored Girls” is comprised of seven women who represented a different shade of the rainbow. The colors are brown, red, yellow, white, green, orange and blue. Their costumes and make-up transformed each of them and were symbolic of the color their character embodied. The ensemble acting made all of their roles of equal importance, without one dominating the other. These women together formed a bond through their various adversities, gradually taking them from strangers to acquaintances. From an objective view, the audience is allowed to simply observe the events as they take place (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011, pg. 82) chronologically. Throughout the movie during some of the conflicting and traumatic scenes, one of the women recites a…show more content…
The majority of the women reside in the same apartment building, except for an executive named Jo and Yasmine, the lady in yellow, played by Anika Noni Rose. Yasmine is a dance choreographer with an afro-centric flair of fashion. She passes the building everyday in route to her dance studio. She teaches dance lessons to the youth girls in the area. While on her second date with a man she has been courting, she is violently raped by him; his notion being that sex was her initial reason for inviting him to her home for their dinner date. Rose’s character acting was realistic and natural causing the audience to embrace her passion for dance, but then sympathize with her trauma of being raped, alone and scared. She had to learn to move beyond the incident, the shame and the betrayal to a place of healing, self-forgiveness and trust. Nyla the young lady in purple, played by Tessa Thompson, is also a student of Yasmine’s. At the start of a dance class, she entertains her fellow classmates by reciting a poem that discusses the excitement she felt while having sex with a young man that has impregnated her. Ashamed, she decides to abort the baby and almost dies after a having a back alley
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