The Women of Tibet

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Before the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959, the women of Tibet were treated with utmost respect. They served as equals to men and in some instances even more. However, since the Chinese have occupied Tibet, the status of Tibetan women in the country has changed. Women’s basic human rights are violated everyday under the Chinese, such as the reproduction rights and education rights. They face violence and coercion and have to face their lives in an entirely new way.
The women in Tibet before the Chinese takeover enjoyed a very high social status. They had a very active role to play in the family and in the society as a whole. Women were warriors, leaders, mothers, traders and business women. There wasn’t any sense of men being superior to women in society; nor were the women restricted in any way or bounded in what they were supposed to do. An egalitarian way of living was practiced by the Tibetans.
This has completely changed for the Tibetan women since the Chinese occupying the plateau in 1959. The women who remain in Tibet, the equality and freedom that they had before has completely disappeared. For those women in exile, their situation is somewhat better, as far as the question of equality they experience in society is concerned. The Tibetans who are still residing in Tibet, they experience helplessness of living and terrible treatment by the Chinese government. They do not have any freedom and have no way out. The people who still live in Chinese occupied Tibet
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