The Women 's Cosmetics Industry

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Background: Men are starting to take care of themselves more and more, and the industry has shown it in the past year. In the men’s cosmetics industry they have seen sales of 4.2 billion dollars. However, the industry is expecting a growth in sales and estimate by the year 2020 that sales will be increased by .5 million dollars. Since this was the case many companies were bringing out new lines of merchandise in order to try to collect the new men in the market. The article goes on to talk about the big stores and how they see them growing their inventory and putting more shelving space up for the men’s cosmetics that would eventually be dropping into the market due to the increase of sales seen in the past and the expectations of a bigger future. Some of the many new products that hit the market was Men’s Daily Face Lotion SPF 15, Face Cloths and Cetaphil had about seven new skin care products for all skin types (Men 1). An industry report of the personal care industry as a whole, agrees with the first article and says that the market for cosmetics is continuing to grow in both the women and men’s segment. Jocelyn Phillips talks about the industry and how it is a very mature industry. However, she says that even though it is mature the industry is always changing and thus is very dynamic. There are always new players entering the scene and new products are introduced every year. She is predicting that for the next five years we will continue to see the male personal care

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