The Women 's Hall Of Fame

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The western United States has always been associated with masculinity, especially during the late 19th century and early 20th century. From the mining operations to harsh winters in the mountains, it is mostly men out on the west. Since the west was not as organized and stable as it is today, it was general consensus that only me could handle these conditions. Due to the lack of credit given to women during this era, I found it appropriate to choose a woman of impact to Colorado. This woman specialized in the field of philanthropy. She did many things for the state of Colorado. In 1987 she was inducted to the Women’s Hall of fame as a result of her work during the late 1800s. this woman is proof that woman can have just as much impact as a man. Not only was she a woman, but a Jewish woman. She was part of a minority. One would think these two factors would bring her impact to a halt; that was not the case. Who exactly was Frances Wisbart Jacobs? This woman was a Kentucky native born on march 29th 1843. In the town of Harrodsburg. While attending school, she met a young man by the name of Abraham Jacobs, a man she would later marry and go on to procreate three children with. Both Abraham and her brother Benjamin, were very active in Jewish politics during the mid 1800s in what is now modern day Denver. Jacobs eventually moved from Cincinnati. Ohio where she lived with her family to Central City, Colorado. Now married to Abraham Jacobs, she moved to Denver in 1870. Her
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