The Women 's Liberation Movement Essay

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In the attempt to gain equality for women across gender barriers in all aspects of society, the battle that women have had to endure throughout history has been anything but peaceful. Particularly in the United States, the women’s liberation movement is an example of how women in the U.S. took a stance to protest for their civil and reproductive rights, domestic violence issues, women’s suffrage, and sexual harassment and gender-based violence that is inflicted upon women on a daily basis. This movement was full of women passionate for gender based equality in the U.S, however this feminist movement was not as easy to join if you were a black woman. A reason for this hardship was because of the racial conflict and tension that is experienced by African American people living in the United States that is dated back to the inhumane implantation of slavery. Racism in America is the result of the white social construction of identity and the perpetrated norm of the “otherness.” The marginalization of disclosing black women from the U.S. women’s liberation movement demonstrates an explicit example of how the attempt to protest for gender equality was overshadowed by a racialized closed-door way of thinking. Therefore, this essay will closely examine the feminist liberation movement in the United States and explain the hardships and racial struggles that black women had to endure in their attempt to join this movement. It will look from a different angle towards this women’s
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